Hatch Professional series Nylon Mono Leader 50m

Hatch Professional Series Leader is manufactured in Japan using the highest grade of Nylon Monofilament available. Hatch monofilament is given a proprietary surface treatment to provide reliable diameter measurements, smooth texture, and enhanced UV protection. The superior knot strength, excellent presentation, and durability of our Monofilament Leader Material makes it the ultimate choice for your big game leaders. Our Medium/Hard mono is ideal for creating floating leaders and larger diameter butt sections. Available in 50 meter spools only.

10lb – .012″/.30mm/#3.5
12lb – .014″/.36mm/#5
16lb – .016″/.41mm/#6
20lb – .018″/.46mm/#8
25lb – . 20"/.51mm/#10
30lb – .022″/.57mm/#12
40lb – .026″/.66mm/#16
50lb – .029″/.74mm/#20
60lb – .032″/.81mm/#24
80lb – .035″/.91mm/#30
100lb – .038″/.97mm/#36

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