Bote KULA 5 Cooler Koral

Meet the KULA 5 Koral, a new cooler that combines the best parts of a cooler with a five-gallon bucket. The KULA cooler is a tool for your life. Use it as a cooler, seat, bait well, rod holder, cast net holder, equipment storage, or just about anything that you can do with a five-gallon bucket. The KULA 5 Koral is the ultimate attachment for any BOTE board. Lightweight, easy to carry, tough as hell and designed to keep ice till the cows come home.


  • INNER DIMENSIONS: 11.75″ W × 11″ H

  • OUTER DIMENSIONS: 16.75″ W × 14.25″ H

  • WEIGHT: 13 LBS


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