Wingo Basecamp Belt

Whether you're deep in the backcountry or kicking it at the BBQ, the Basecamp Belt is the perfect addition to anyone’s waistband. With a rugged, corrosion-resistant, zero-slip buckle, the Basecamp Belt shines even when the sun does not. Our components were inspired by the tools of rafters, backpackers, and other outdoor nuts so you know it’s up for whatever adventure suits your fancy. Combine that with our wide array of badass outdoor-themed prints and you get to wear the lifestyle whenever you want to buckle up. Plus, it’s all printed, sewn, and constructed right here in the USA. One size fits most.
Wingo's Striped Bass pattern features the unmistakable scaly striations of this apex piscivorous predator. From New England to the California Delta, Striped Bass have an iconic role in American fish lore.
  • All-New 2022 Design
  • Adjustable Length up to 40"
  • Rugged Zero-Slip Buckle  (Cut and Burn to Seal)
  • Water and Corrosion Resistant
  • Durable Polyester
  • 1.5" Width
  • Printed, Sewn, and Constructed in the USA
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