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2024 Spring Fishing Report

June is finally here and fishing has finally started to heat up after a long, cool spring. Water temps are hovering around the mid 60s, and striped bass have quickly filled our local waters. It doesn't get much better than late spring on the Vineyard for the fly angler!

 Wading anglers will find plenty of action with fish pushing close to shore, looking to forge on tiny but densely schooled sand eels. Find the bait, and the bass will likely be around. Since sand eels around are still on the smaller side, scale down your flies to 'match the hatch.' Tan and white Clousers have been working well, and my bonefish box is seeing double duty with Gotcha's and Crazy Charlies getting it done on recent wade trips.

  The water is crystal clear with the lack of plankton, making for technical sight fishing situations. Switch to a longer, lighter leader if you've scaled down your flies and are still getting refusals. A 9' tapered 16lb leader with a few feet of 12 lb fluoro is often what it takes on the flats this time of year. A presentation fly line like Airflo's Cold Salt is the perfect choice for stealthily and accurately delivering flies to spooky, skinny water stripers.  

 On a recent trip to the rips, we got on some good-sized bass, crushing big squid. While it's still early, seeing stripers eat Beast Fleyes and Semper Squids is a much-welcomed sight! Red, white, and pink squid imitations with a fast, jerky retrieve will bring fish to the boat. RIO's Outbound Short is our favorite fly line for the rips, thanks to its compact head that delivers bulky flies to voracious predators quickly. 

 If you're considering booking a walk and wade trip, we have beach permits to access remote areas of Chappy. This allows us to explore pristine spots and find productive fishing grounds most visiting anglers cannot access. Whether you prefer to fish from shore or boat, we still have a few spots available but are booking fast! Please email or to book your trip today!