Cheeky 750 Pliers

Cheeky 750 Pliers are the stronger big brother to our award-winning 550 Pliers.  Checking in at 7.5" in length and fully machined from aerospace grade aluminum, these big game fishing pliers are beast mode for your tackle box.  Whether you're a fly fisherman chasing roosters off the beach or a surf casting striper fisherman from the Northeast, don't be without the most important tool on the water—your pliers.  Featuring extended ribbed handles for no-slip grip, rugged and torque-dispersing stainless steel tips with knot tensioner/split ring opener, and replaceable HSS cutters that slice through braided line like a hot knife through butter, the 750 Pliers are sure to change your angling game.

Cheeky 750 Pliers come with an ergonomic belt sheath for efficiency and comfort as well as an expandable lanyard connecting the pliers to the sheath to ensure they are always safe on the water.


  • 7.5" length and 4.0 oz weight
  • Replaceable HSS cutters
  • Rugged stainless steel tips with knot tensioner/split ring opener
  • Ergonomic, no-slip ribbed handles
  • Versatile, all-purpose big game fishing pliers
  • Includes attached sheath and lanyard
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