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Soul Fly Lodge Trip Report

Kismet Outfitters recently hosted a trip to Soul Fly Lodge in the Berry Islands, Bahamas. Soul Fly is a relatively new fly fishing operation that has garnered quite the reputation for producing large bonefish and being one of the best permit fisheries in the Bahamas. We’ve had the privilege of fly fishing and hosting trips globally, but Soul Fly stands out for the fishing, excellent accommodations, and world-class hospitality. There’s a reason most of the clients we bring down return the following year. If you are interested in our next hosted trip to the Berry Islands and want to know more about what makes Soul Fly unique, read on!


You may ask, “Where the heck are the Berry Islands?” This is fair since they’re not among the more famous and traveled Bahmian chains. Their off-the-beaten-path location on the northwestern edge of the Bahamas’ Out Islands is part of the allure. 

Soul Fly is located on Great Harbour Cay, the largest island in the Berries, and is home to Great Harbour Cay Airport. The airport is an hour-long flight from Florida and has several weekly flights from Fort Lauderdale International. Transfers from Nassau International are a short 20-minute plane ride, making travel easy!

Lodge, Food, & Amenities 

If you’ve spent time at fly fishing lodges in tropical locals, you know many can be somewhat rustic and barebones with plain average food. That isn’t to say they’re horrible, but fishing is the main draw, and the non-fishy members of the party would be rather unimpressed. This couldn’t be further from Soul Fly, and the lodge, dining, bar, and amenities are nearly as impressive as the fishing (which is no easy task).


Renowned Bahamian Chef Valentina Adderley served up diners that even the most gastronomically inclined would find alluring without being too Haute. Using locally sourced meat, seafood, vegetables, and herbs ensures freshness and reduces carbon emissions. I’m from Georgia, and the shrimp and grits and fried chicken were easily among the best I’ve had. 

After fishing, the covered outside cabanas were a focal point to rewind and recap our adventures, throwback a few adult beverages, and share delicious appetizers. I took advantage of the open bar, and I’m still walking off the obscene numbers of Kaliks I crushed. Whether you prefer beer, spirits, or wine, the bar is as well-stocked as your favorite watering hole. Another cool thing about Soul Fly is the guides generally kick back at the lodge to share a few beverages and give casting advice on the casting deck. 

While everyone in our group fished hard every day, for those thinking of bringing a plus one not interested in fishing, the immaculate 20 x 50 pool overlooks the Atlantic, and a short path separates Soul Fly from a quiet, scenic beach. Plenty of side quests exist for those looking to expand beyond epic fly fishing, including snorkeling and diving, deep-sea fishing, swimming in Hoffman’s Cay Blue Hole, and many more!


The rooms were cozy and comfortable, and the maid service, like the rest of the staff, went out of the way to ensure the utmost satisfaction. Returning to an immaculately tidied space with plush beds, quality pillows, and sheets is a luxury compared to the many fly fishing lodges that resemble a Boy Scout’s camp more than an actual lodge. With Soul Fly’s commitment to kicking plastic, all rooms have multiple YETI water bottles, yet another thoughtful touch. 

The Fishing

Our fishing days began around 6:30 am over coffee and made-to-order breakfast of morning favorites. Again, the grits were on point all week. The boat launch was a short truck ride from the lodge. After getting gear loaded in high-end Maverick HPX-V skiffs, we departed to our fishing arenas for the day with our guide and fishing partner, organized by Kevin and Michelle, the Lodge Managers. During your stay at Soul Fly, expect to rotate guides and fishing partners from your party daily. 

The guides at Soul Fly are beyond proficient at what they do, and each has a unique guiding style that correlates with their personalities. Each guide is professional and courteous; you don’t have to worry about demoralization after blowing shots, which is sometimes the case with saltwater guides. Nobody should pay money to get yelled out, but sometimes ‘tough love’ is needed to get your head in the game, and the guides all know how to read the fine line between sternness and being an ass.


Soul Fly is in the heart of some of the Bahamas’ most pristine bonefish flats, offering anglers unparalleled opportunities to sight-fish to bones in crystal-clear waters. The flats around Soul Fly are vast and varied, ranging from shallow sand flats to mangrove-lined channels. Unlike many overpressured fisheries in the Bahamas, Soul Fly is the only operation guiding out of Great Harbour Key! 

The bonefish action remained hot and consistent throughout our week, with 3-4 pounds being the average, but some larger ones were also taken! If you’ve fished for bones in places like Belize and Mexico, expect more technical fishing and generally bigger fish. The smallest bonefish I caught during this trip was on par with the best bone from my recent trip to Mexico!

The bonefish is a source of great pride to Bahamians and is intertwined with the region's culture. Generations of fly anglers have been coming to the island nation for decades to test their skills against the grey ghost of the flats. While the Berry Islands are a bonefish hotbed, the permit fishing has recently garnered Soul Fly and the Berry Islands much-deserved hype. 


The guides have quickly gained the reputation of being among the best permit guides in the world and are putting anglers on the best permit in the Bahamas and perhaps anywhere! Bones and permit are the main draw, but angers can expect to find mutton snapper, barracuda, triggerfish, and more.


Soul Fly remains our favorite destination for the fantastic fishing, scenery, facilities, amenities, and overall hospitality. Soul Fly is a well-oiled machine where the management, guides, and staff go beyond their responsibilities to ensure each guest has the destination flats fishing experience of a lifetime. I’m a little starry-eyed writing this and reminiscing about our journey, but thankfully, Kismet Outfitters is returning, and we want you to join us! We love this place so much that multiple weeks are reserved for this year.

The first trip is planned for November 10th through 17th, 2024, which should be ideal for permit with perfectly timed low tides and generally some of the best weather of the season.

Our second planned trip is from March 5th to March 11th, 2025. Again, the low tides are perfectly timed with more moderate exchanges and should be great for bones and resident permits.

If you’d like to lock in your dates, call us at 774-549-5921 or email at Remember, many clients return each year, so these will book fast!