Cheeky Limitless 425

Line Weights: 7-10

Versatility is king in fly fishing and that’s exactly what Cheeky Fishing Limitless 425 Fly Reel is all about. Whether you’re stalking redfish and bones in Florida, chasing blitzing stripers and albies off Martha's Vineyard, or shaking ice out of the guides in pursuit of steelhead or Atlantic salmon, the Limitless 425 is the fly reel of choice.

The Limitless 425 Fly Reel sports a massive 4.25” diameter and utilizes a beveled multi-axis machining technique that makes the Limitless 425 stronger without adding weight. Couple that with a fully sealed Gasket Drag System to keep the elements out and you’ve got the ultimate all-around saltwater fly reel and the ideal weapon for your big freshwater excursions.


  • Fully sealed Gasket Drag System (Cheeky GDS)
  • Integrated torque-dispersing reel foot
  • Beveled machining increases strength w/o adding weight
  • Fully machined high-grade aluminum
  • Retrieve up to 13.25” of line per revolution
  • Lightweight design (7.5 oz)
  • MAX Arbor (4.25” diameter)
  • B2 Backing Channel for extra line capacity
  • Quick change spool and simple L/R retrieve conversion
  • Reel case included
  • Fly Line Backing Spool does not include rigging service
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